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Who We Are

Swamp Buggies of Florida is the largest builder of swamp buggies in the world, designing and building custom-made buggies for dozens of different client uses, from law enforcement, fish & game, and fire fighting to tourism, sightseeing, and mud parks. Swamp Buggies of Florida also builds the finest, custom-made high-end 'show buggies' on earth.

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Must See Videos

You won’t regret watching these videos! Swamp buggies gettin’ dirty and havin’ a good time!

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Buggy Dimensions

We build four standard sizes of buggies. All our buggies are a hit with hunters as well as the recreational joy riders. And remember, we still enjoy designing and building any size buggy you wish!

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Rack ‘Em Up

"Triple Crown" Winner! BEST OF SHOW: West Palm Beach Airboat & Buggy Show 2013, SW Florida Airboat & Buggy Show 2013, Broward County Airboat & Buggy Show 2013

5-person FL Scout

~~ FOR SALE ! ~~ $29,000 ~~
Florida Scout 5 person buggy

FL Sportsman Low Deck

~~SOLD! ~~ $38,000 ~~
FL Sportsman Low Deck

2 1/2 Ton Buggy

~~ FOR SALE! ~~ $35,000 OBO ~~
2 1/2 Ton Buggy

2011 Florida Sportsman

~~ SOLD! ~~ $25,000 OBO ~~
2011 Florida Sportsman

Green Bay Buggy

502 Blower Motor Aluminum Frame Dished wheels with polished centers S/S exhaust...

Green Swamp Buggy

Green 1-ton, 6-seat Swamp Buggy

Myakka State Herbicide

5.3 EFI engine 180 gallon spray tank 18.4 x 26 R2 tires ...